What is CIP?

The primary principle for acquiring citizenship are birth within a certain territory, descent from a citizen parent, marriage to a citizen, or naturalisation. The circumstances by which naturalisation is granted can vary from state to state but family relationships or lengthy periods of residence are often desirable, in addition to character and other requirements. Although residence is often granted to investors and wealthy individuals in most countries, there are currently only few countries who offer citizenship-by-investment programs that provide a direct route to citizenship based on investment.

Citizenship-by-Investment programs offer an opportunity to legally acquire a new citizenship quickly and simply, without much disruptions to your life. This affords you the opportunity to legally acquire a new nationality and an alternative or second passport.

The Antigua and Barbuda program is considered to be in the top tier of Citizenship-by-Investment programs as it is adequately clear in law and processes, having a decent reputation and excellent transparency.

To learn more visit Antigua and Barbuda's Citizenship by Investment Unit's website at CIU.GOV.AG

Following are the four (4) most popular ways by which an applicant can obtain citizenship in Antigua:


Under this option the main applicant pays US$100,000. 00 but this amount will also cover the applicant, the applicant’s spouse and two dependents under the age of 18 years . For a family of more than 4 persons the amount of the contribution is USD$125,000.00.


By purchasing real estate property for a minimum of US$400,000.00 for two applicants as a joint investment. There are a few already Built projects on the Island and my company has one of the completed projects (Tranquility Bay) and is currently in the early stages of planing for another.
You can visit the web site, www.tranquilitybayantigua.com. Again an investment of this amount applies to the principal applicant ,”spouse and 2 kids under the age of 18 years. Children over 18 years are treated as individual applicants unless they are in a school of higher learning and can provide evidence of this . They will then be considered dependents under the main applicant. WITH REGARD TO TRANQUILITY BAY THEY OFFER A GUARANTEED RETURN OF APPROXIMATELY 5% p.a. OVER THE FIRST 5 YEARS. TOTALLING $100.K AND CAN BE DISCOUNTED AGAINST THE PURCHASE PRICE.


It is possible to acquire Citizenship by starting a business or buying a business in Antigua with an Investment of US$1,500,000.00. The business to be purchased or started must first receive approval from the Government. Two or more persons can make a joint investment , but the sum must be total at least US$5,000,000.00 and each of those persons individually invest at least US$400,000.00 per person.


From time to time the Government will approve charitable investments, specifically to assist in non-profit organisations which deliver services in health care, education, environmental management, youth development or the promotion of sport or culture.

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